The ACHA Program runs every Saturday during the school year from 12:00 noon to 4:00pm.

Centennial College - Progress Campus (Markham Rd & Hwy 401)

(416) 208-3149

Mailing Address
African Canadian Heritage Association
PO Box 99576
1095 O'Connor Drive
Toronto, Ontario M4B 3M9


ACHA Mission Statement
The mission of the ACHA is to present an opportunity for children to learn about their heritage; - instill pride, self-worth and a commitment to excellence; - encourage commitment to educational achievement, science and technology, social awareness and community development; - provide a stable and secure environment for the growth of our youth; and - provide a meeting place for youth and adults for camaraderie and fun.

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• ACHA from 1969 and counting - brief history

Letter From the ACHA President, Carole Cushnie

Jambo! - Veronica Sullivan



Parents gather on registration day, to discuss the ACHA curriculum for the 2009-2010 program year.

ACHA students and parents gather to celebrate successful walkathon

ACHA Board Members: 2014 - 2015 Program Year
President: Michael Charles
Vice President: Christine Davis
Treasurer: Lindis Collins-Bacchus
Secretary: Pearl Andrews
Communications Director: Louis March
Parent’s Committee Chairperson: Basil Thomas
Program Coordinator: Veronica Sullivan

ACHA Instructors: 2014 - 2015 Program Year
Program Co-ordinator: Veronica Sullivan
Youth Group: Lindis Collins-Bacchus
Youth Group: Kevin Hood
Children’s Group: Veronica Sullivan
Children’s Group: Mesfin Aman
Ancient African History: Eric Wickham
Boy’s Club Instructor: Emily Wickham

About ACHA
The African Canadian Heritage Association is an incorporated non-profit community organization that operates a curriculum-based heritage program for families with children from 5-16 years of age.

The children are taught about the history and heritage of African people in Canada, Africa and the Diaspora. They learn this through the media of creative arts, classroom instruction and other real life applications.

Some examples of the innovative programming offered by the ACHA include:

  • Entrepreneurs' Day (encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship among our youth)
  • Black History Challenge (students in the program are organized into teams to compete for prizes in a quiz about Black history)
  • Kwanzaa Open House (a community-based tradition in which specific life principles are highlighted)
  • Parent Committee seminars and workshops (programming is also offered to the parents of the students, and topics include Financial Planning, Health, and Parenting Skills).
ACHA founded in 1969

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